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The Festival of Animated Film for Children and Youth of Serbia was founded in 2013 with the aim of promoting the national production of animated film made by young authors, up to 18 years old. It is based upon the concept of competition programme divided into 2 categories: Children - under 15 years of age and Youth - 15 to 18 years old, but it is also followed by numerous following programmes including exhibitions, masterclass workshops, film retrospectives of other similar festivals. Even though it was originally created as a creative platform for popularization and development of the national animated film production, in 2017 the festival grew into an international cultural event by enriching it's competition programme with a European selection of animated films for children and youth.

As of 2018, the festival was upgraded with one more competition category: 3rd category for films aimed at children and youth but made by professionals, students and others alike.

The Festival takes place in Jagodina every September with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia and the City of Jagodina.

The festival is aimed at promoting the art of animation from European countries and serves as a place of gathering for young people willing to exchange and build new creative ideas.

8th Animator fest will take place in Jagodina, Serbia, 16th to 20th September 2020.



    Let us once again look at the visual identity of this year's festival and present Andreja Lepir, a great young artist, graduate of the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, at the Department of Graphic Design. During the defining of the concept, we wanted to avoid the symbolism of the current  social everyday...

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    Dear friends,

    8th edition of Animator Fest has come to a close. First of all, we would like to thank everybody who supported us, submitted their films and gave us a reason to exist. The festival itself went off as our circumstances allowed us, modest with a fewer number of guests, but we were happy to host...

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    Dear friends,

    The eighth edition of Animator Fest, the European festival of animated film for children and youth. will be held from September 16 to 20 in online format, but with a smaller number of screenings in the hall of the Cultural Center Jagodina. Despite the unfavorable conditions in the world...

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  • The official poster of the 8th Animator Fest

    The official poster of the 8th Animator Fest

    Dear friends! We present you the official poster of 8th Animator fest, as well as its young author Vanja Bajović! Vanja is a master degree student at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. Animator fest has joined creative strengths with the Faculty on a number of occasions, with professors or students creating...

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  • Open Call for Submissions

    Open Call for Submissions

    Dear friends, filmmakers and film lovers, we are calling you to once more take part in our festival, relive the atmosphere and bring a sprinkle of film magic to Jagodina, Serbia, this time from September 16th to 20th. Applications are officially opened, go go go!

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    By presenting works of our most significant artists in the fields of illus - tration and animation Gallery of the Cultural Center of Jagodina aims at acknowledging the art of animation and inspiring the conquest new visual expressions in this field. The 7th edition of Animator fest presents you...

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  • 7th Animator fest / Official Selection

    7th Animator fest / Official Selection

    Dear friends, here are some good news for the end of the week! We present you the official competition selection of the forthcoming 7th Animator fest – European Animated Film Festival for Children and Youth. This year the festival received 1205 applications from 77 countries. The...

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  • Open call for submission

    Open call for submission

    Dear friends, The 7th edition of Animator Fest - European Animated Film Festival for Children and Youth - is taking place in Jagodina, this time from 18th to 22nd September 2019. Time has past and we have grown a bit nostalgic of the festive amosphere, fims and guests! Applications are open up...

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  • Here are the winners!

    Here are the winners!

    Here are the winners!

    You can look

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