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The Festival of Animated Film for Children and Youth of Serbia was founded in 2013 with the aim of promoting the national production of animated film made by young authors, up to 18 years old. It is based upon the concept of competition programme divided into 2 categories: Children - under 15 years of age and Youth - 15 to 18 years old, but it is also followed by numerous following programmes including exhibitions, masterclass workshops, film retrospectives of other similar festivals. Even though it was originally created as a creative platform for popularization and development of the national animated film production, in 2017 the festival grew into an international cultural event by enriching it's competition programme with a European selection of animated films for children and youth.

As of 2018, the festival was upgraded with one more competition category: 3rd category for films aimed at children and youth but made by professionals, students and others alike.

The Festival takes place in Jagodina every September with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia and the City of Jagodina.

The festival is aimed at promoting the art of animation from European countries and serves as a place of gathering for young people willing to exchange and build new creative ideas.

8th Animator fest will take place in Jagodina, Serbia, 16th to 20th September 2020.

  • Open call for submission

    Open call for submission

    Dear friends, The 7th edition of Animator Fest - European Animated Film Festival for Children and Youth - is taking place in Jagodina, this time from 18th to 22nd September 2019. Time has past and we have grown a bit nostalgic of the festive amosphere, fims and guests! Applications are open up...

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  • Here are the winners!

    Here are the winners!

    Here are the winners!

    You can look

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  • Animator fest - official selection

    Animator fest - official selection

    Dear friends,
    After hours and hours of watching films, staring at computer screens with heightened brightness and rethinking choices, we solemnly announce the OFFICIAL SELESTION of 6th Animator FEST – European Youth Festival of Animated Film!

    Last year, our proud provincial festival went...

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  • The official poster of the 6th Animator Fest was designed by our dear Marica Kicušić

    The official poster of the 6th Animator Fest

    The official poster of the 6th Animator Fest was designed by our dear Marica Kicušić. We proudly say 'our' as she was a jury member of the very first Animator Fest, alongside Rastko Ćirić and Aleksa Gajić, long back in 2013. This year, as а part of the festival's following programme, an exhibition of illustrations done by Marica...

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  • And the winners are..

    And the winners are..

    POBEDNICI 5. ANIMATOR FESTA! And the winners are..

    Special mentions

    Masha and The Bear / Маша и медвед- Serbia
    Fot the sophisticated animation language
    За префињени језик...

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  • Pictures for a Child’s Room / Ida Ćirić, illustration exhibition

    Pictures for a Child’s Room / Ida Ćirić, illustration exhibition

    A part from the official competition programme, the idea of our festival is also to promote the art of animation and highlight certain individuals and phenomena in the field of visual arts, especialy animation and illustration. This year, we proudly present the exhibition of Ida Ćirić's...

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  • The official selection of the 5th Animator fest!

    The official selection of the 5th Animator fest!

    First of all, we would like to thank everyone for submitting their films to the first international edition of the festival. Here are the results of selection.


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  • Master Class: Yura Boguslavskiy

    Master Class: Yura Boguslavskiy

    Aside from enjoynig and watching animated fims, the thing we are very excided about while eagerly waiting for 5th Animator fest are animation workshops! This year we are happy to announce master class by Russian animator Yura Boguslavskiy which will be held as a...

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