The official poster of the 6th Animator Fest

The official poster of the 6th Animator Fest was designed by our dear Marica Kicušić

The official poster of the 6th Animator Fest was designed by our dear Marica Kicušić. We proudly say 'our' as she was a jury member of the very first Animator Fest, alongside Rastko Ćirić and Aleksa Gajić, long back in 2013. This year, as а part of the festival's following programme, an exhibition of illustrations done by Marica Kicušić will be presented in the gallery of the Cultural Centre of Jagodina.


Marica Kicušić (1988, Negotin, Serbia). Graduated in 2011 from the Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Arts, Belgrade, Department of Printmaking and book design, in the class of the professor Rastko Ćirić.
Graduated in the field of printmaking (series of mezzotints) and traditional techniques of animation (sand animation).
Masters Degree in Printmaking under Mentor Milica Vučković. Member of ULUPUDS. Status of independent artist in Association of Applied Artists and Designers of Serbia since 2011.
Worked at the SandPRO Studio as Art director and sand painter.
Worked at Mad Head games studio as cutscene animator
Currently independent illustrator/animator for publishing houses.

Fields of interest:
Digital art, illustration, drawing, animation, mural painting, poster design, printmaking, storyboard, children’s book design and illustration, character design, sand painting

Animated Films:
”Life in a frame” (2011 SAE Institut Belgrade award, 8th animation festival Balkanima, Belgrade)
Saša Božović (project Radiovizija)
Mika Antić (project Radiovizija)
Kiša (project "Worlds of tomorrow" for TV HRT)
Names of God (project "Unusual names" for TV HRT)
Evolution  (project "Fictional fauna" for TV HRT)
Frankenstein (project "Literature" for TV HRT)
Black Cat  (project "Fictional fauna" for TV HRT)
Moby Dick (project "Fictional fauna" for TV HRT)
1984 (project "Worlds of tomorrow" for TV HRT)

2009 - First prize for experimental video work on the theme "Duvanski dim je serijski ubica"
2009 - Special award from the Association of ex librists in Belgrade, in the competition on the theme “Pola veka televizije Beograd”
2010 - Award for work on the video contest EXIT “Osvajanje slobode”
2010 - Design Award for the competition of designing invitations for PAPAYA music festival in Croatia
2011 - Prize for best poster from Serbia on the design for 10th anniversary of Tivoli
2011 - SAE Institut Belgrade award for animation „Life in a frame“ for a research attempt in using different animation techniques for accomplishing author’s ideas, 8th animation festival Balkanima, Beograd
2012 – Slovakia Government scholarship for a summer course of Slovak language, Studia Academica Slovaca, Bratislava, Slovakia
2012 - Education for All Global Monitoring Report art contest, Honorary mentions (caricature)
2012 –  LICE KNJIGE, award for best children’s’ book design in 2012 in Zagreb, Croatia
2014 – Animator fest Jagodina, special mention for the animation made during workshop Animirajse
2017 - award for best childrens book , book fair Belgrade, for the book Putovanje kroz Srbiju
2017 - ULUPUDS award for best book design, book fair Belgrade, for book Putovanje kroz Srbiju